My web host is as secure as a block of swiss cheese. I’m in the process of switching hosting but it is agonizingly time-, energy-, and money-intensive. In the meantime, I comb through my posts for the spam links and delete them. I change my password regularly. And I apologize to you.

For the record: I do not accept advertising on this site. I do not embed advertising on this site. If you see a spam link woven into one of my blog posts, I promise you I did not put it there and I will be removing it as soon as possible.

Predators are taking advantage of me and my blog. Please do not click the links that are obvious advertising and, for the love of all that’s important in this world, please do not buy something from one of those links (the redbubble t-shirt links are mine. Feel free to buy a sticker or t-shirt if you like them.)

Thank you.