I’m working on a poetry manuscript and I wanted to share one of my poems with you. This is a poetic form called the List Poem and the form has a respectable history, having been used by ancient Greek poets, Biblical scripture, Walt Whitman, and Alan Ginsberg, among many others.

Content note: murdered Autistics, murdered children.

Mercy(less) Killings: A List Poem
Maxfield Sparrow

“A person with a disability is killed by their parent or other caregiver approximately every week.”1

At least 72 disabled people were killed by their parents or caregivers in the year 20132
These were the Autistics slain:

  1. Brandon White3 – smothered with a pillow by his mother’s boyfriend, age 15 years.
  2. Tia Jones4 – slow death from neglect and multiple untreated infections, age 12 years.
  3. Jessie Dziomba5 – days of severe diarrhea with no medical attention, age 19 years.
  4. Isabella Wiens6 – removed from a non-abusive mother with a learning disability then abused to death in foster care, age 21 months.
  5. Girl Child Seo7 – strangled by her mother, age 4 years.
  6. Alex Spourdalakis8 – stabbed in the heart by his mother, age 14 years.
  7. Robert Guinyard, Jr.9 – beaten to death with a metal rod by his father, age 4 years.
  8. Terry “JuJu” Smith, Jr.10 – killed by his step-brother and buried in the family’s backyard, age 11 years.
  9. Matthew Hafer11 – given an intentional prescription drug overdose by his mother, age 28 years.
  10. Jake Harkins12 – shot by his father, age 10 years.
  11. Jaelen Edge13 – poisoned and drowned by his mother, age 13 years.
  12. Tamiyah Audain14 – starved and had infections neglected by her aunt, age 12 years.
  13. Antonio Brooks15 – his father neglected medical care while Antonio slowly died from a ruptured stomach, age 14 years.
  14. Damiean “Luke” Gulley16 – strangled by his step-father who hid his body in a ravine, age 14 years.
  15. Randle Barrow17 – drowned by his mother, age 8 years.
  16. David Herrerra, Jr.18 – burned alive by his sister for the insurance money, age 22 years.




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